ZOLOTO. First time in Turkey
Sponge Pub Konyaaltı
25 May
start at 20:00

Concert ZOLOTO - for the first time in Turkey
ZOLOTO is a new form of great pop music, free from the boundaries of the format and sound rules of any genre. The most romantic and stuffy guy at the party, or better known as the type who is always sad at the after-party.

ZOLOTO's songs combine quotes from Andrey Gubin, Shura, rap "black cumin oil", hard electric guitar solos and gentle piano parts. A return to an era of great inner freedom, where the main goal of music is to convey as much love as possible in one concert.

Antalya: May 25, ZOLOTO, Sponge Pub Konyaaltı, 18+, start at 20.00, doors at 18.30

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