Rules for attending concerts
By visiting the SOUND TOUR site, you accept the terms and conditions specified below, and also agree to take part in a possible photo and video shooting, television or radio broadcast of the event as a visitor and allow the use of photo, video and audio recordings with your participation by any way.

General rules and conditions for visiting the SOUND TOUR site:

1. By visiting the SOUND TOUR site, you accept the terms and conditions specified below, their observance is mandatory for all visitors.
2. Entrance to the SOUND TOUR site is carried out: strictly by tickets purchased through official ticket operators, or by lists agreed with the Site Administration. Seats are occupied in accordance with the category and seat of the purchased ticket.
3. The ticket is valid for a single entry of one (or several persons, if indicated on the ticket) person to the event indicated on the ticket.
4. The launch of visitors begins 1 hour 30 minutes before the start time of the event indicated on the ticket.
5. The presence of a concert ticket gives the right to be at the SOUND TOUR site during the concert indicated on the ticket. After the end of the concert, the administration has the right to ask visitors to leave the site.
6. When entering the site, it is prohibited:
6.1. To carry weapons (firearms, traumatic, pneumatic, cold weapons, gas cylinders, electric shock devices, as well as products structurally similar to weapons even with permits), drugs, explosives, poisonous, odorous and radioactive substances, pyrotechnic products, household chemicals, alcohol, soft drinks, foodstuffs, piercing and cutting objects, suitcases, large bundles and bags, glassware, markers, chewing gum and other objects that interfere with the audience, as well as the normal holding of a mass event.
6.2. Visiting the site with animals.
6.3. Visiting the site in a state of strong alcohol and / or drug intoxication, the degree of which the administration determines at its discretion.
6.4. Bring photo and video equipment to the event without obtaining accreditation from a media representative.
If you fail to comply with the prohibitions and requirements outlined in this paragraph, you may be denied entry to the event, regardless of the availability of tickets, until the stated generally mandatory security requirements are met.
7. By purchasing tickets and visiting the SOUND TOUR site, you agree to an entrance inspection by the security service in respect of you and your hand luggage, aimed at ensuring the general safety of visitors during the event. Inspection is carried out visually at the verbal request of the guard using a metal detector.
8. Visitors who have pacemakers and other medical devices, the normal operation of which may be affected by a metal detector, are required to inform the security officer when approaching the control point.
9. Also, the visitor will have to leave the club in case of aggression towards other guests and / or staff, in case of severe alcohol or drug intoxication and / or in violation of the rules.
10. While on the site, they must:
10.1. Observe and maintain public order, generally accepted norms of behavior and fire safety rules.
10.2. Take care of the facilities and equipment of the venues of the mass event. If the visitor causes material damage, he is obliged to compensate for its cost.
10.3. Behave respectfully towards other citizens, site personnel and security personnel.
10.4. Comply with the legal requirements of the administration, law enforcement officers and security personnel of the SOUND TOUR site.
10.5. Do not leave minor children unattended.
10.6. Upon receipt of information about the evacuation, act in accordance with the instructions of the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the internal affairs bodies and the Administration of the SOUND TOUR site, remain calm and not panic.
11. Guests in the VIP area are prohibited from:
11.1. Get up and block the view of other guests.
11.2. Dancing in the VIP zone, a dance floor is provided for this.
11.3. Smoking of tobacco products, tobacco heating systems, electronic cigarettes and vapes.
11.4. Take the wrong place
12. Guests of the SOUND TOUR site are prohibited from:
12.1. Appear without the permission of the administration on the stage, behind the fence with warning signs, as well as in the dressing rooms of artists and other service and technical premises of the site.
12.2. Sit or dance on tables, railings, bar and club stage.
12.3. During the event, stay in the aisles, on the stairs, interfere with the movement of event participants, other guests, service personnel, representatives of the Administration, climb fences, parapets, lighting devices, filming sites, load-bearing structures, damage equipment and design elements of structures and other inventory.
12.4. Throw items on the stands, stage and other venues of a mass event, as well as perform other actions that violate the procedure for holding a mass event.
12.5. Allow cries or other actions that degrade the human dignity of participants in a mass event, spectators or offend human morality.
12.6. Carry out trade, apply inscriptions and stick up announcements, posters and other products of informational content without the written permission of the administration of the site.
12.7. Wear or flaunt signs or other symbols aimed at inciting racial, social, national and religious hatred.
13. The sale of alcoholic and energy drinks is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and is prohibited to persons under 18 years of age.
14. By visiting the SOUND TOUR site, you agree to take part in a possible photo and video filming of the event as a visitor and allow the administration to use photo and video recordings with your participation.
15. The administration of the site is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings of visitors left on the territory of the site.
16. The SOUND TOUR venue is an open air concert venue. Our roof has a canopy over the stage, but does not have complete weather protection. Please dress for the weather and bring an umbrella or raincoat.
17. The concert venue on the roof of the SOUND TOUR is a venue for public events, its visit is associated with possible risks of causing damage to visitors. assumed by the visitor.
18. If you fail to comply with the prohibitions and requirements specified in these Rules, you may be denied entry to the event and being on the site, regardless of the availability of tickets.
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