ATL | First time in Turkey
7 june
IF Performance Hall Beşiktaş
start at 20:00

For the first time in Turkey, a Russian hip-hop artist - ATL
Rapper ATL is not afraid to experiment with music and create something new that does not fit into the mainstream sound of the Russian-speaking hip-hop scene. His music breaks down the barriers between dark and dance sound while remaining unique and memorable.

This concert will be a real event for all fans of the musician, as well as for all connoisseurs of experimental music. He will present the unique sound and incredible fantasy worlds created by rapper ATL and his team. Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in his musical world and feel the energy of the performance.

Istanbul: June 7, IF Performance Hall Beşiktaş, 18+, start at 20.00, doors at 18.30

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